The former agricultural colonies in Frederiksoord, Wilhelminaoord and Veenhuizen have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the summer of 2021. Discover unique places full of history and hidden stories. Everything from the past is still visible in a unique landscape with numerous monuments.

The Drents Museum in Assen has been a household name in Drenthe for more than 150 years. It is a leading museum that annually organizes high-profile and successful exhibitions on archaeology, figurative art and Art Nouveau/Art Deco.

Remembrance Center Kamp Westerbork. In the middle of Drenthe lies a place with a history. Here the lives of one hundred thousand Dutch Jews are remembered. On the grounds of Kamp Westerbork with reconstructions and monuments, and in the museum.

UNESCO Global Geopark de Hondsrug is unique. The ridges and valleys in the area were formed during the ice ages. Prehistoric man left us his treasures there. For thousands of years, people shaped a landscape that is of all times.


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